Welcome to our about us section.


I'm Victoria Roberts, self employed dog groomer at Toria's Grooming. 

Renowned for my lifelong love of animals, caring demeanour, all round patient and compassionate personality. As well as having a strong creative streak. Have always had a big heart and deep caring for animals of many types.

After realising a hidden talent when handling, grooming and caring for my own families pets, decided to embark upon my new career path in April 2017 after 20 years working in other corporate roles. Since completing my Certified Salon Professional certification, Canine first aid courses are kept up to date and at first I opted to also work 2 years part time within a local Dog rescue/ Cattery & boarding kennels alongside my grooming from home. All of which as given me a good understanding of best practises when trying to work with and understand your dogs tolerances, behavioural patterns and the knowledge to be able to accommodate all different kinds of health and anxiety issues.


As a child growing up we owned various small rescue dogs. Doted on the neighbours cats and other pets and would often bring injured wildlife home to my parents, much to their delight.

We now keep back yard chickens and currently have just the two Boxer dogs at home. After seeing our other elderly pets passing, due to various age related illnesses.

With my strong passion for the wellbeing of all animals, you can rest assured their safety will always be my number one priority. Being a member of IPG, as a qualified Certified Salon Professional. I promise to always adhere to their strict code of ethics.


Working alone, fully insured from a small and self contained purpose built salon in my home garden.

Here I hope to provide a calm and relaxing one to one enjoyable experience for you and your beloved pet.

Not only do I seek to build a great rapport with your pet. I also hope to meet all of your special requirements as their carer, owner and trusted companion friend.


However working from a small salon we do have limitations as to which dogs

we are able to groom safely. We do therefore ask for a full disclosure of pets

previous grooming habits and tolerance levels. 

Because I work from home where I tend to my own pets in my spare time.

We provide a strict appointment only service. This helps to ensure the safety of

everyone, animals and humans alike.



For our new clients we recommend an initial free consultation where we can meet, assess your dogs grooming needs by checking their coat type and temperament and advise the best methods of grooming in the salon and at home between visits. This process also helps us to give a fair price and timescale for your pets appointment.


We must stress here we use minimal restraints and remain very focussed on monitoring stress levels throughout the grooming appointment, to ensure we provide the most relaxing experience for your pet. Nail trims are included as part of our full groom service but we will only ever do what the dog will tolerate. Some dogs do build trust with us very quickly, some may take a little bit longer to desensitise to any fears they may have developed.

Please feel free to contact me at any time but do understand, my clients receive my utmost attention at all times whilst attending the salon, therefore I may not always be available to answer your telephone call during the hours

9 am - 5 pm, Monday - Friday.

Thank you for respecting our appointment terms.

Best wishes