Ear Plucking

Most pets never suffer ear Infections. However some breeds which grow excessive ear-hair are liable to suffer from them. The area surrounding the ear canals must be trimmed short & the ear canal cleared of any waxy clumps, to provide adequate ventilation.

INFLAMMATION & IRRITATION can result, to help we can clean & dry the ears regularly. Excessive ear-hair can also be removed by your groomer.

PLUCKING EXCESSIVE EAR-HAIR keeps the ears unblocked & drier helping to avoid infections developing. When considered necessary it is traditionally conducted by professional groomers. As this opens hair follicles, the ears are treated with specialised cleaners, which protect the inside of the ear canal. However as natural germs and bacteria exist around us in the air and even upon us, a later infection, although very extremely unlikely is not impossible.



•Clean and thoroughly dry the ears during the grooming process.

•Trim the coat as short as possible around the ear canal.

•When plucking, treat the ear canals with a specialist ear cleaner.

•Pluck ear-hair gently, but always stop if a dog becomes stressed.

•Not pluck the ears, if their condition gives rise to health concerns.



Here at Torias’ Grooming Em-Paw-Rioom we will always check with your Pets Veterinary clinic before plucking their ears, regardless of the demands of the owner. 

In the unlikely event of an ear infection occurring, the groomer shall bear no responsibility or liability.

Should your pet require their ears plucking. We ask for all pet owners consent prior to starting the procedure. Please ensure you clearly understand our policy terms before signing our consent forms.




De-Matting, Shaving/ Clipping-off 

De-matting, Shaving/ Clipping-off densely matted coats.


CLIENT INFORMATION & CONSENT Here at Torias' Grooming we will always do our best to work with your requirements to help save a dogs coat when and if dense matting becomes a problem.  

HOWEVER DENSE MATTING ALWAYS CAUSES DISCOMFORT TO THE ANIMAL. It prevents exposure of skin to sunlight & fresh air, causing sweaty areas, providing optimum conditions for fungus, bacteria & parasites. If disregarded, the full coat eventually matts to the root, then de-matting by comb becomes far too traumatic for the pet.

The only realistic solution then is to Shave/ Clip-off the entire coat to the skin. However, dense matting pulls, twists & ridges the skin, causing clippers to graze, catch or mark & can cause some discomfort.

If a pet becomes distressed or upset the treatment will be halted, to be continued at a future appointment.


After completion your pet’s relief is obvious (and their coat soon re-grows). It is then up to you to arrange a regular grooming schedule and perhaps choose a shorter coat style for your pet. To avoid matting, always comb pet’s coat weekly, before & after a bath. Shaving/ Clipping-off is normally a treatment of last resort, it can traumatise all involved your Pet, you their Owner and me, their caring Groomer.



Our Shaving/ Clipping-off process requires owners consent.

You will be asked to give consent by signing our disclaimer prior to us starting this procedure. Please ensure you clearly understand our policy terms before signing our consent forms.



As Certified Salon Professionals, it is our responsibility to ensure the safety and well being of all animals and humans who visit our salon. Therefore we will request certain information about your dogs health, behaviour and previous grooming tolerances which we will record and store for future use.

We will request and record this information at your first appointment, failure to provide these details will result in us refusing to groom your pet. We understand any inconvenience this may cause, however we are dedicated to providing the safest, healthiest environment we can for everyone.


Please also ensure your animals vaccinations and treatments are up to date prior to visiting the salon in order to help us prevent the spread of disease and pests. 

If we discover flea’s, (although we hope to notice these before you leave your pet with us) whilst bathing your pet. We will usually use a suitable preventative shampoo to prevent infestation and notify you on collection, an additional charge may apply. 


If your pet shows any sign of illness or disturbing behavior, we will contact you immediately and recommend you collect your pet and seek veterinary advice, when required. Be assured we will always seek Veterinary advice in any emergency.

If your pet begins to show signs of aggressive behaviour towards us, after you have left our premises, you will be contacted to discuss preventative options or in severe cases, asked to collect your Pet immediately to ensure everyones safety. 


Pregnant/ in season bitches: Please inform us if your bitch is currently in season or pregnant.

We don't groom dogs in season as they can be a little less tolerant and grumpy. We highly recommend booking in at the end to give their sanitary area a nice freshen up. For bitches who are pregnant we advise to wait until the puppies are fully weaned until receiving a groom, as not only can the change in smell cause the pups to reject mums teat. It can also cause stress for mums to be and is not recommended until the puppies are at least 6 weeks old. 

IPG - Code of Ethics

As a member in good standing of IPG, I promise to:


  • Treat humanely all animals entrusted in my care, and place their welfare above all else. Exhibit compassion and integrity when dealing with these pets, ensuring their safety and health.


  • Report any injury occurring to an animal in your care to the owner immediately.

  • Exhibit a proper professional attitude and demeanor at all times. Promote harmony among my peers by encouraging professionalism and continuing education.


  • Advertise and sell the merits of my services while refraining from attacking competitors or reflecting unfairly on their services, methods of doing business, or their personal life. This includes negative posting on any social networking.


  • Honor the spirit of IPG, Inc. and to continually strive to gain respect for the industry by promoting professionalism in the field of pet grooming.


  • Work toward the highest standards in pet styling, stay current with industry trends and continue to improve my capabilities as a professional pet groomer with higher education.


  • Be honest, fair, and responsible in all business transactions and abide by all laws affecting my business and profession. Encourage responsible pet ownership and promote the importance of professional pet care.


  • Use my certification titles and IPG logos only as allowed and approved by IPG.